Ottawa Public Library 

Re-branding North America’s Largest Bilingual Library System

The Ottawa Public Library is North America’s largest Bilingual library system, serving close to one million Ottawa residents. The OPL houses a large variety of services, including literacy programs and technology-based spaces. However, with a decrease in youth populations visiting libraries, the current brand system of 20 years fails to reflect the future-orientated values of the library system. Therefore, the proposed re-brand, aims to encapsulate the progessive goals of OPL and bring attention to the library as a space for future generations to grow and learn.  

This project is not affiliated with Ottawa Public Library.

Timeline︎︎︎January – April 2021
Role︎︎︎ Research, Illustration, Brand Strategy
Tools︎︎︎ Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

The Problem

How can I create a brand identity that attracts a younger audience, while still encapsulating the diversity and community driven values of the Ottawa Public Library system?

The Solution

A revised brand identity that emphasizes community and inclusion through interpretive and modern design.

Branding Style

Bold colours and simple, geometric shapes inspired by Ottawa, create a contemporary and modern feel to match the progressive goals of OPL and diverse community. 

Dynamic Tagline

The brand's customizable tagline is displayed in both English and French and highlights one of OPL's key values: sharing. The use of the word sharing emphasizes the shared sense of community and belonging OPL spaces create.  


Creating a fluid identity system for the Ottawa Public Library was an overall challenging, yet rewarding experience. Prior to this project, I was unaware of the complexities of corporate identity beyond designing an effective logo. However, the introduction of fluid elements to my designs gave me a better understanding of identity design, and how visuals can expand and work alongside a logo.

Initial Research

After picking an organization (OPL), I created a research report to better undertsand the organization, its values and goals . In this report I did a SWOT analysis which analyzed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat connected to OPL. From this I  established a target audience and marketing strategy focused on community growth.

Positioning Statement

To reflect a rebrand focused on community growth, I brainstormed a list of possible positioning statements centred around key themes found throughout my research process.

 Logo Refinment + Fluid Elements
The digital exploration of select logos and fluid brand elements.

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