Bike-ability (WIP)

Exploring urban bike tourism. 

Bike-ability is a web-based platform that promotes bike tourism for the enviromentally conscience traveller. Simular to vacation rental platforms, Bike-ability allows users to share, create and explore customized bike routes in urban areas. Born out of my personal love for biking, Bike-ability aims to merge fitness, travel and sustainability within one convenient platform. 

More coming soon... 

Timeline︎︎︎August 2021 – Present (Personal Project)
Role︎︎︎ Research, Brand Strategy, Web Design
Tools︎︎︎ Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe XD

The Problem 

How can tourism be explored through an environmental lens?   

The Solution 

A digital platform that promotes biking as a method for travel and tourism. The website allows users to share and explore bike routes in urban settings, while promoting health, sustainability and community.

Full video of walk through coming soon!

Brand Style 

Clean and colourful, the visual style of the brand is inspired by the phrase “see the world on two wheels.” Basic geometric shapes are fused together to reflect the silhouette of a bicycle, while lines inspired by the curves of each shape reflect the notion of travelling/motion. 


While this site is still a work in progress, it has allowed me to become more intune with the usability of my designs and prioritize fuction before diving into aesthetics.  

Competitive Analysis

To understand the services that already exsist online, I did a quick competitive analysis. In my competitive analysis I looked at Travel and leisure sites such as Airbnb and apps like Alltrails — an app that primarily helps hikers discover trails via crowdsources images and reviews.

PACT Analysis

People, Activities, Contexts, Technologies analysis.


After doing a quick PACT analysis, I created a series of personas to better understand user needs. The personas acted a reminder to remain human-centred and create a platform that adheres to a varirty of users within my targeted age group.  

Site Map

Site map outlining key features and organization within the web platform.

Mid-fidelity Wire Frames

After I created rough skecthes of each screen I created mid fidelity wire frames, creating updated versions until I was happy with the layouts and user flow.

*select screens shown

What’s Next?

User testing and brand refinement! Stay tuned!

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